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Jeremy Hammond has spent a thousand days in prison for telling us the truth

Sunday, November 30, 2014, was Jeremy Hammond’s 1000th day in prison — you can see a running tally of the detentions of Hammond, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and the duration of the active grand jury investigating WikiLeaks here.

Jeremy is in jail for allegedly breaching the website and exposing millions of emails of the private intelligence firm Stratfor. WikiLeaks published the emails as the GI Files, revealing that they had been spying on human rights defenders at the behest of corporations and governments.

He’s been transferred several times, but Jeremy is now detained in Federal Corrections Institution Manchester, in Kentucky. Since being imprisoned, Jeremy has been retaliated against in several ways, from major abuses like solitary confinement, to pettier things like delaying his mail. We’ve recounted the many issues he’s faced here. In October, the prison threw him in solitary – for what they claim is the high crime of stealing clothes from his laundry job. There is no justification for solitary confinement, a tactic of psychological torture.

Because federal law does not include provision for parole, if Jeremy is not denied good-time credits, he could be released on Christmas Day, 2020.

There are many ways you can help Jeremy — you can lift his spirits by writing him a letter or sending him a book (when he’s in solitary, he gets no possessions and only one book at a time), and by donating to his fund you can boost his commissary, which allows him to buy things in prison. It also allows us to maintain the website, where we publish his writings from prison and keep you apprised of his condition. Here are the top five ways to help Jeremy today.