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Jeremy needs your help! Commissary funds are low

Aside from getting the hell out of prison, commissary funds are Jeremy Hammond’s current top priority. These funds allow him to purchase everything available to him in prison and make a huge difference for his quality of life.

The most expensive items are phone and computer usage. Unless they’re local (they never are — Jeremy doesn’t need to call anyone in Manchester, KY), phone calls are 23 cents per minute. To use the computer, inmates buy TruLinks units. Each unit costs five cents and gets one minute of computer time. Mp3s cost 24 TruLinks units.

But other basic items cost money too. Give Jeremy $10 to help him do laundry. A $15 donation buys him a pen, envelopes and a book of stamps. He can get a new full set of clothes for about $60. See the list of FCI Manchester item prices here:

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If you wish to purchase books, check Jeremy’s wishlist here.

If that empties, Jeremy asks that you buy a book for his brother, Jason, who is also imprisoned. Read more about Jason here and find his book wishlist here.

Please give Jeremy what you can today — it’ll make his life a little more bearable, as he already endures persistent retaliation.