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Jeremy In Solitary Confinement and Facing Possible Transfer: An Update

It is with a heavy heart that I write this update to Jeremy’s situation.

I wish I could write that the disciplinary hearing went well, that the prison dismissed the charges that Jeremy was facing, that he out of solitary and safely and happily attending classes again, but I cannot. The outcome that we feared the most happened: the charges against Jeremy were upheld, and he is still in solitary.

Jeremy’s disciplinary hearing was Wednesday. It was held over the phone, and he was not allowed to attend in person. The corrections officers that was hit with the door claimed that when Jeremy hit him with the door, Jeremy both “stood his ground” and pushed his shoulder into him when the guard asked if he “wanted to go”. The disciplinary charges against Jeremy were upheld and a transfer to a medium security facility was recommended. For now, Jeremy remains in solitary and will remain there until this case reaches its conclusion. This is devastating to all involved, but especially to Jeremy, as he was especially enjoying taking college classes at FCI Milan and was so close to graduating. He expressed that, among other things, one of the most distressing aspects of being in SHU was that he was missing his classes, and was not able to turn in assignments or take finals. Jeremy was to be in the inaugural graduating class for FCI Milan’s prison education program, and leaving prison with a college degree would have been a huge asset.

While this is the worst possible outcome, and the one that we feared the most, the fight is not over. Jeremy could still possibly avoid a transfer due to something called “management variable”. This means that he would have the “points” that would normally cause him to be housed at a medium security facility, but he would be able to stay a low security facility. This would ironically be made possible due to the college classes that Jeremy has been taking, that he is now missing due to his time in SHU. Letters to the warden have already gone out, and it is now a matter of more waiting and hoping that he decides to intervene and allow Jeremy to stay at FCI Milan. We ask that members of the general public not write their own letters to the warden at this time.

I want to say a special thank you to the person who made a trip to the prison and was the one who relayed all of this information to me. While I will not name them for privacy reasons, without them, we would all still be waiting and wondering and would not be able to take action as quickly. Jeremy’s support network is vast, and the love and solidarity of his supporters extends around the world. It has carried him through his sentence and continues to be a beacon of hope in dark times. From the bottom of my heart, I thank every one of you who has written, visited, sent books, or even just tweeted in support of Jeremy.

For now, the best way to continue to support Jeremy is to write. (Letters and cards only at this time, please – no books or magazines.)

Jeremy Hammond, #18729-424
FCI Milan
P.O. Box 1000
Milan, MI 48160

I will keep everyone updated as I know more.

Love and Rage,
Grace North