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New pictures of Jeremy!

Pictures of Jeremy are a rare treat, as they take precious money from his commissary, and are often dependent on the kindness and availability of guards to take. So when I get pictures in the mail that I can share with everyone, it’s a super exciting thing!

And, this batch is even more exciting because it features pictures of Connor Stevens of the Cleveland 4! If you have not heard of the Cleveland 4, I encourage you to check out their website. Much like Jeremy, the Cleveland 4 were entrapped by an agent of the state in 2012. However, instead of hacking websites, this agent formulated a plan to blow up a bridge, even going so far as to provide fake “explosives” to carry out the plot. Each of the 4 are currently serving sentences between 8 and 11 years. While solidarity and mutual aid to prisoners is crucial, it is even more crucial when the prisoners have been victims of state entrapment.

I encourage everyone to write to Connor at the following address:

Connor Stevens, #57978-060
FCI Manchester
P.O. Box 4000
Manchester, KY40962

You can also send Connor a book, and donate to the Cleveland 4’s commissary fund, and the visitation fund, used so the boys can receive visits from friends and family.

Make sure to check out all the past pictures of Jeremy from March 2014, Christmas 2014, and January 2016!

Welcome home, Jason Hammond!

We are thrilled to announce that after approximately 16 months in an Illinois state prison, Jeremy’s brother, Jason Hammond has finally been released into the loving arms of friends and family as of 1 April 2016.

Jason, an ardent, lifelong antifascist, was imprisoned for his part in disrupting a meeting of white supremacists in a suburb of Chicago in May of 2012. In January of 2015, he took a non-cooperating plea agreement and was sentenced to 41 months in prison.

Of the action, Jason stated,

“I went into this action following the principles of anarchy, equality and freedom which have guided my life. For many years I have been involved in different projects engaging social justice, from volunteering at social centers, community public libraries and food distribution programs. I have also supported and participated in anti-war, environmental and immigrant rights movements. Through these experiences I became more aware of how the system that governs this society depends on the mass exploitation of large parts of the population and in fact the Earth itself for the profit of the rich and powerful. I was inspired and motivated by the people I met in the movement to strive to make change at the root of the problem, even if it meant possibly sacrificing my own personal freedom. Throughout history, any movement that struggled to change this system was considered dangerous by the government and was met with immense repression and state violence. But there were successful moments within these movements not only because they were justified, but because people fought for them and despite how history is presented like a Disney movie, not all of their actions were non-violent.”

Of his brother’s release, Jeremy says he is, of course, “stoked.” He has not seen his brother since his sentencing hearing in May of 2013, and misses him terribly. He supports his brother and his brothers brave actions unconditionally, and urges everyone to support other radical anarchists, antifascists, and prisoners in their fight against racism, oppression, and the state. Some suggestions for some lesser-known prisoners that could really use support are Eric King, an anarchist who just accepted a 10-year, non-cooperating plea deal for resistance against US imperialism, and Alisha Walker, and sex worker and woman of color who was convicted of murder for radical self-defense against a client who was trying to kill her.

Please remember that prison does not end when a comrade is released from prison. Jason is currently on a period of house arrest, which will be followed by a period of probation and supervised released. This will make is difficult for Jason to get a job, and pay for the expenses of daily living. He still needs our help. Please donate to his welcome home fund here.

Welcome home, Jason!

Welcome home, Jason!

‘Bring Your Cat To Stratfor Day’ Spreads Awareness Of Anonymous Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond’s Birthday

The following is an article by journalist Kit O’Connell of Austin, TX. It was originally posted on MintPressNews and is reposted here with permission. Please consider visiting MintPressNews and supporting Kit and independent journalism!

AUSTIN, Texas — In what’s become an annual tradition, activists gathered in downtown Austin on Friday to celebrate the birthday of a political prisoner and hacktivist nearly forgotten and ignored by the mainstream media: Jeremy Hammond.

In 2012, Hammond, along with other members of the Anonymous-associated group Lulzsec, hacked millions of emails from the servers of the Strategic Forecasting, also known as Stratfor, a private intelligence corporation located in the city, and leaked them to WikiLeaks, where they became known as the “Global Intelligence Files.” Among other revelations contained in the emails, the files showed that Stratfor had been spying on activists on behalf of corporations like Dow Chemical and working with the Texas State Troopers to infiltrate Occupy Austin.

For Leah Burris, an organizer from Prison Abolition and Prison Support (PAPS), an Austin-based group which organized the protest on Hammond’s birthday, the worst thing about Stratfor is that they are supported by our tax dollars in addition to their corporate clients. “What I wish people know most about them is that basically our government is giving Stratfor money that we give them to spy on us.”

In Nov. 2013, Hammond was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison, which he is currently serving in FCI Manchester in Manchester, Kentucky. Azzurra Crispino, another organizer from PAPS, once promised in a letter to Hammond to celebrate every birthday he spends in prison with a party outside Stratfor’s offices. For his third birthday since the 2013 conviction, PAPS selected a feline theme, calling the event “Bring Your Cat To Stratfor Day.”

“Jeremy loves cats. Anonymous loves cats,” Crispino told MintPress News. “Do you remember ‘Bring Your Daughter To Work Day’? We thought it would be funny to bring cats to Stratfor.”

On that warm winter afternoon, about 10 activists wearing cat costumes gathered outside Chase Tower, an office building believed to house Stratfor, and the site of several previous protests against the group over the years. A few brought stuffed cat toys while others assembled a crude representation of a cat’s litter box which they told MintPress represented the “data dump” of Stratfor’s emails.

However, after their arrival, a security guard told the group that Stratfor had moved. Google Maps still lists the corporation as located in the building, and they had the same address listed on their website until at least Sept. 10, according to an archived snapshot of the page saved on The Internet Wayback Machine. However, as of this writing, Stratfor’s website now lists a post office box as their “corporate headquarters” instead.

“Obviously, I feel as an organizer like I got caught with my pants down,” Crispino commented with a laugh, then added, “But then there’s part of me that thinks, ‘did they move because of us?’”

According to Crispino’s conversations with Hammond, Stratfor employees would take extra security precautions any time protesters were nearby, interfering with their work. In addition to the birthday celebrations, PAPS once attempted to roast a pig across the street on the anniversary of Hammond’s arrest, and, in 2011 and 2012, Occupy Austin protested both at the Chase Bank branch in the building and at Stratfor, most notably by floating helium balloons marked with Anonymous’ well known logo, the Guy Fawkes mask, up to the windows of Stratfor’s offices. Activists, including this reporter, also shut down a series of book signings by Stratfor’s CEO, George Friedman.

PAPS remained outside Chase Tower for about two hours, where they handed out dozens of fliers, educated people about Jeremy Hammond and Strator, and collected about 20 signatures on a birthday card for the hacktivist:

The group also shared cupcakes and sang happy birthday for Hammond when he called from prison.

Although both organizers called the event a success, citing increased attendance over previous birthdays, Crispino said she hoped someone — perhaps another member of Anonymous — would clear up the matter of Stratfor’s address before Hammond’s 32 birthday on January 8, 2017.

Stratfor did not return any several of calls for comment.

Buy a shirt to celebrate Jeremy Hammond’s birthday!

On 8 January 2016, Jeremy Hammond turns 31, his fourth birthday in prison. Many supporters have been asking about Jeremy’s Amazon book wishlist, but because Hammond was recently released from solitary confinement, he’s slowly and sporadically been receiving the books that were withheld and confiscated. In lieu of books for the time being, Etsy user ProxyProphet offers another way to support Jeremy:

To celebrate Jeremy’s Birthday on the 8th, between the 7th and the 10th of January we will be donating 100% of sales, $15 from each shirt will go to Jeremy.

This year for LulzXmas we would like to add to Jeremy’s commissary funds and show him some love & mutual aid. This shirt even has a message of Solidarity in Jeremy’s own handwriting as a feature of the design.

Jay Kelly, owner of Proxy Prophet, is a dear comrade who has done several benefits for Jeremy, and is an awesome radical in his own right. Please visit his shop and check out his wares! He also does custom shirts and decals! So check him out!

You can purchase a shirt — to boost Jeremy’s commissary while sporting your support — here.

You can write to Jeremy Hammond here:

Jeremy Hammond #18729–424
FCI Manchester
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 4000
Manchester, KY 40962

Please take note of writing guidelines here.

See here for more ways to show your support.

New year, new pictures of Jeremy!

It’s been a while since we’ve had pictures of Jeremy (the last time was in December of 2014), but Jeremy wanted to share some new photos (captions written by him, of course!) for the new year!

I hope everyone enjoys these pictures (all taken in December of 2015), and that 2016 sees prisoners free both in the U.S. and around the world!

Reject #OpIsis and the Co-Opting of Anonymous

In this new writing, Jeremy shares his views on Anonymous, #OpISIS, and the recent wave of anti-immigrant sentiment that has been sweeping the nation.

The attacks in France were a terrible but unfortunately predictable response by desperate people who, after a decade of war and occupation, want the west to taste what we have been regularly dishing out. But we cannot allow them to be used to justify more war.

In the wake of the Paris attacks, the Western governments are provoking Islamophobic hatred in order to escalate military operations in the Middle East and push police state powers. It’s a familiar script, and from prison, I’ve been following these developments, disturbed about the attacks on immigrant and Muslim communities and the resurgence of the fascist right.

I remember in the wake of 9/11, the waves of blind patriotism and xenophobia that the war-mongering politicians used to push police-state laws, mass surveillance, and rampant militarization. It was never about fighting terrorism or weapons of mass destruction, but about US empire: control over land, oil, and drug production, like all wars. Hundreds of thousands of innocents were murdered by the US military over the longest war in our history while we escalated drone warfare elsewhere in Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia, creating the conditions which gave rise to ISIS in the first place.

That same post-9/11 hysteria is back and all the war-mongers are again frothing at the mouth with hate for immigrants and refugees, pushing for national Muslim registration databases, and for regime change in Syria.

But I never thought Anonymous would join in on their frenzied call for war. Apparently, GhostSec and others purportedly associated with Anonymous have been DDoSing forums, taking down Twitter accounts, and reporting IP addresses to law enforcement in collaboration with shady military contractors like Kronos Advisory. The naïve fools behind the operation are being manipulated by intelligence agents taking advantage of the emotional reaction to the Paris attacks to harness our skills to fight their hypocritical “war on terrorism.”

As someone who hacked with Anonymous and marched against the war in Iraq, I completely oppose #OpISIS and any attempts to co-opt our movement into supporting the government’s militaristic agenda. Escalated US military involvement is certainly going to result in more civilian deaths, as it already has. All deaths of innocent civilians are a tragedy, and we cannot value one life over another. (And you are still more likely to be shot down by police than in a terrorist attack.)

The same intelligence industry that runs their own NSA hacker operations against ISIS uses the same counter-terrorism justification to spy on everyday civilians with no regards for rights to privacy, encryption, or anonymity. They have always targeted Anonymous and other dissident groups as terrorists, and when they aren’t trying to discredit or imprison us, they are attempting to co-opt us – sometimes openly by attending conference like DEFCON, seducing us with promises of money or calls for patriotic duty, other times covertly lurking around IRC channels attempting to steer us unwittingly into supporting their agenda. Remember, Sabu asked me to hack government websites of Syria and Turkey, among others, which I did, unaware he was an FBI informant. They didn’t want to talk about it at my sentencing hearing, but they did condemn my attacks against police and military contractors at length. The agents out there encouraging you to “hack the terrorists” will have no problem turning around and locking you up for years if you are not useful to their agenda.

We won’t let Anonymous be unwittingly used to further the military industrial complex’s imperialistic operations around the world. We don’t work for the government – we are against all governments. We are on the side of the oppressed, not the oppressors. We support the victims of war, not the war-makers. If you want to report membership lists and IP addresses of suspected terrorists, go join the CIA or hang out with wannabes like Stratfor or the th3j35t3r. Call it state-sponsored hacking, patriotic hacktivism, whatever – just don’t you dare call yourselves Anonymous.

I urge my comrades still out there in the trenches, sitting on some hot 0day, ready to loot databases and trash systems. If you want to stop war and terrorism, target who Martin Luther King Jr. called the “largest purveyor of violence in the word today” – the US government. So Anonymous, get to it – drone manufacturers, white hat infosec contractors, CIA directors, Donald Trump, and your local police department – they all have blood on their hands, they are all fair game.

Jeremy still in the SHU, now under investigation

As many of you know, Jeremy was placed in SHU (segregated housing unit) a little over a month ago as a result of a disciplinary infraction. He was told he would be in SHU for approximately 45 days, with his release date being on or around 20 August 2015.

For almost a week now, we have waited anxiously to hear that he has been released from SHU. Today, we got our answer, though it was not what any of us had hoped. In a letter dated 18 August that we received yesterday, he explained that he is still in SHU, and currently has no idea when he is going to be released. He had completed the time given to him for the disciplinary infraction and was preparing for release when prison officials informed him that he would be staying in SHU “pending SIS investigation.” “SIS” stands for “special investigative services,” and they function like an internal prison police unit. He was not told what they are investigating, nor how much longer he can expect to be there.

Prisoners can be held in SHU for up to 90 days without charge. If Jeremy is eventually charged with something as a result of whatever he is being “investigated” for, the time he spent awaiting charge will not count towards whatever punishment is handed down.

We are speculating that this new, mysterious “investigation” is in relation to another issue that has been ongoing for quite some time now. Shortly before he was sent to SHU in July, Jeremy’s phone and email privileges were taken away without warning and for reasons that, while not entirely clear, were obvious attempts to silence him. (His stay in SHU was not related to these issues, and, as stated, was the result of a disciplinary infraction.) While in SHU, his email privileges were reinstated just as mysteriously as they had been removed, and he was allowed to make a phone call, but the issue was never fully resolved. While no one but prison officials know for certain at this point, the vagueness with which this new SHU designation is being communicated to Jeremy is eerily similar to the vagueness with which his privileges were revoked, and could very well be related.

There is also a chance that Jeremy is being denied visits, as his grandparents report they were denied the opportunity to visit him several weeks ago for, again, unknown reasons. They have previously been able to visit him freely and without incident.

This is absolutely ludicrous and very discouraging. Jeremy has previously written about how time in SHU is always hell, but it’s at least easier to bear when you know you’re in there for something you legitimately did wrong. Holding Jeremy without charge, and without any firm end date in sight amounts to nothing short of torture. Please consider writing him a short letter of encouragement.

Write to Jeremy!

Thank you! Jeremy Hammond’s commissary goal reached

Thanks to supporters’ donations, we’ve reached our goal of a $2,500 boost to Jeremy Hammond’s commissary fund. This is among the best ways to improve his quality of life while in jail (where he’s had a few stays in solitary confinement) — he uses commissary funds to buy basic essential items, like toothpaste and clothes, and allows him to do laundry and make phone calls and use the internet.

Please keep it up! You can still donate to Jeremy’s fund here, send him a book here and see other ways to support him here. Thank you for your support.

Jeremy needs your help! Commissary funds are low

Aside from getting the hell out of prison, commissary funds are Jeremy Hammond’s current top priority. These funds allow him to purchase everything available to him in prison and make a huge difference for his quality of life.

The most expensive items are phone and computer usage. Unless they’re local (they never are — Jeremy doesn’t need to call anyone in Manchester, KY), phone calls are 23 cents per minute. To use the computer, inmates buy TruLinks units. Each unit costs five cents and gets one minute of computer time. Mp3s cost 24 TruLinks units.

But other basic items cost money too. Give Jeremy $10 to help him do laundry. A $15 donation buys him a pen, envelopes and a book of stamps. He can get a new full set of clothes for about $60. See the list of FCI Manchester item prices here:

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If you wish to purchase books, check Jeremy’s wishlist here.

If that empties, Jeremy asks that you buy a book for his brother, Jason, who is also imprisoned. Read more about Jason here and find his book wishlist here.

Please give Jeremy what you can today — it’ll make his life a little more bearable, as he already endures persistent retaliation.

Suits, Spooks, and Sabu

On June 20, 2015, a tech conference aptly entitled “Suits and Spooks” had infamous federal informant and notoriously mediocre hacker Hector “Sabu” Monsegur speak about “the rise and fall of Anonymous,” an organization Sabu has done his best to distance himself from, while still duping those gullible enough to pony up the cash into paying him to prattle on endlessly about.

Needless to say, this did not sit well with not only Jeremy, but anyone with a conscience. After a public campaign was launched against Suits and Spooks, its founder, Jeffrey Carr, offered space to “an Anonymous leader” who wanted to talk about “running ops.” Two Twitter users, VizFoSho and Flanvel, took him up on his offer. They did this with both the knowledge of us at FreeJeremy.Net, and with the intention of not only exposing Hector Monsegur for the fraud he is, but to also bring a little lulz into a wholly intolerable situation.

In the interest of full transparancy, we are releasing the slides they used in their talk, along with a statement from Jeremy. While everyone may not agree with everything they say on their slides, they make some valid points that we feel should be taken into consideration to anyone operating under the banner of Anonymous, especially when it comes to those who would use Anonymous for personal gain.


Statement from Jeremy Hammond

The latest twist of the knife – Sabu returns to the internet in full PR spin mode to try to clear his name. He’s done his time – one year probation – and now he’s back with a vengeance, running his mouth on twitter, writing lame movie reviews for Daily Dot, and speaking at conferences; will he be able to re-establish credibility in the community?

Remember how he snitched out all his comrades to the FBI? Apparently it was all just Fox News propaganda: maybe these steel bars and razor wire fences that imprison me are also illusions of my mind. But this shit is real like a bad taste you just can’t spit out: I’m not even halfway through my federal prison bid while Sabu is chilling in hot tubs and getting paid speaking gigs. There’s no way the FBI could have caught me if it weren’t for Sabu’s cooperation because I didn’t make the same type of amateur mistakes he made: he hacked PBS from his home IP address, didn’t delete log files, was busted, and immediately began working with the FBI to identify all of his hacker friends so that he could receive a 5K1 reduced sentence. His cooperation was so extraordinary that he received a hug from the federal prosecutor and a personal thanks from Judge Preska, the same judge who gave me the maximum ten year prison sentence.

You’d think this disgraced fool would have kept his head down and disappeared in shame, or at least show some kind of remorse for the lives he’s damaged. Not Sabu, ever the pompous megalomaniac. He’s on Twitter, issuing various denials and rationalizations for his actions, encouraging people to write folks behind bars, even contacting my support team attempting to donate money to my commissary account because “he knows how hard it is”.

He’s also taking bold new steps and speaking at the upcoming Spooks and Suits NYC conference. Until now, he’s laid low and hasn’t made any planned public appearances: now, for $300, you can hang out with Sabu and other government agent types like the CIA, NSA, NYPD, etc. Some big names in national security, so he probably feels safe amongst his fellow feds and whitehat sellouts to discuss computer crime fighting strategies. But despite all their credentials and clearances, the mightiest of US corporations and bureaucracies keep getting hacked over and over again (and it always brings me great joy hearing about it). They know that they need, as Jeffrey Carr described, a “bad actor willing to share first hand info”, and Sabu was more than willing to open his big mouth once again. If they’re looking for technique, they are sure to be disappointed: he’s just a pompous liar and fraud with no skill and a Death Before Dishonor tattoo. Got no clue, got no soul: guess he really fits in with the rest of the conference organizers. Remember, even with his extensive cooperation with the FBI and having trusted access to our internal channels, they were still unable to prevent attack after attack.

Though he had already been dropped from speaking at the RSA conference, and Spooks and Suits had to relocate due to the planned protests, Sabu is still probably intending on speaking at other events such as DEFCON and Hackers On Planet Earth(HOPE). He once said to me, “I’ll be damned if I’m ever compared to that faggot Adrian Lamo”. Lamo, the former hacker who snitched out Chelsea Manning (currently doing a 35 year bid for the WikiLeaks revelations), spoke at HOPE rationalizing his actions by the need for “national security”. Brandon Darby, who entrapped several activists to prison during the 2008 RNC, underwent a militant-lefty to right-wing-extremist switch, now speaking proudly about his decision to cooperate. Sabu, now calling himself an “ex black hat”, who really has never been about any cause but himself, is similarly furthering the false standard that it is OK for a hacker to bend to law enforcement and the US cyber-imperialist agenda.

Some say since this megalomaniac craves attention we should just ignore him, and for the most part this is the probably best course of action. But it’s not that easy to forgive or forget when you’re still doing the time. When he is given a platform to spread lies and defend his cooperation while the folks he sent to prison cannot attend conferences or communicate without being monitored and censored, he must be exposed challenged and confronted. We cannot allow future conferences to think it is safe to invite Sabu to speak, nor can we allow future hackers who may be busted to think they could pull a Sabu, snitch out their friends, and expect no repercussions. Reject the Sabu NSA white hat ideology!


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