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Jason Hammond

Jason HammondPlease Note: As of 1 April 2016, Jason Hammond has been released from prison. This page is maintained for archival purposes only. Welcome home, Jason!

Jason Hammond, Jeremy’s twin brother, accepted a non-cooperating guilty plea and was sentenced to 41 months in prison in January 2015 for his part in an organized direct action taken against a group of white supremacists in May of 2012.

About the Action

In 2012, a group of racists and white supremacists organized a ‘White Nationalist Economic Summit’ in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park. Groups of anti-fascists and anti-racists from the Midwest decided to confront the meeting and successfully shut down their event through a righteous melee. In the aftermath, 5 comrades from the Hoosier Anti Racist Movement (H.A.R.M.) were arrested and were dubbed the Tinley Park 5. All five were sentenced to upwards of 3 years and have since been released. Jason is the last person to have been arrested for this action.

Please read Jason Hammond’s sentencing statement for his thoughts and feelings about the situation, as well as Jeremy’s statement on his brother’s sentencing.

Jason’s Blog

Jason, much like Jeremy, will be periodically writing to update us on how he is doing while incarcerated. We encourage everyone to read his blog, which will be located at his website.

Write to Jason

Jason is currently in Vandalia Correctional Center in Illinois. You can write to him at the following address:

Jason Hammond, M50190
P.O. Box 500
Vandalia, IL 62471

This should be the place where he will be serving most of his sentence, so please feel free to write and send books. Letters and mail are so vital when transitioning into prison life.

General rules to remember when writing to Jason and other prisoners:

  • Please do not talk about anything illegal. Remember that all letters are screened, so please do not talk about anything you would not feel comfortable saying in front of police, a prosecutor, a judge or jury.
  • Include a return address in the body of your letter if you would like a reply as envelopes do not always make it to prisoners.
  • Please do not use glue, yarn, ribbons, glitter, etc. in your letters as they are prohibited – crayons, coloured pencils and markers are fine.
  • Please do not enclose extra stamps or envelopes with your letter. While the thought is appreciated, they are prohibited and Jason will not receive them.
  • Please do not include money with your letters. The best way to donate to financially help Jason is to donate here.
  • Please be patient when waiting for a return letter.

Send Jason Books

Books are vital to prisoners as a way to not only pass the time, but to keep their minds active and engaged. Please consider helping Jason by buying him books from his Amazon wishlist.

Unlike federal rules, Illinois Department of Corrections allows individuals to send books to prisoners. Please feel free to buy books used or send personal copies if you have them! However, there is still a limit of four books per package. If you want to send more, please send them in multiple packages.

Several book publishers have programs offering discounted books to prisoners. They are:

  • AK Press: Note in the comment section at checkout that the book is for a prisoner to receive a 30% discount on your order. You will not see any immediate discount at the checkout – the discount is applied when AK Press processes your order.
  • PM Press: Use the code ‘FOPM’ at the checkout for a 50% discount on your order.

State prison is just as expensive as federal prison. Please donate to Jason’s commissary fund here.